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Antique to Modern Home Interior (A Complete Guide)

Modern Home Interior

If you like to decorate your home and have an antique-style home interior. You can change the look of your home. By replacing the antique interior into a modern home interior by following some easy tips and ways given here. Below are some of the ways to give your antique home a modern home interior:

Change The Carpet With Wooden Flooring:

In the old times, homes with mosaic floors were common. The use of mosaic can be seen in every home because that was the antique home interior. You can now replace your mosaic flooring or marble floors with wooden floors. To give a look to your modern home interior. The wooden flooring is also in trend and looks classy. By wooden floor, the use of carpets has also become old fashioned. 

Ceiling Medallions For Modern Home Interior:

The use of ceiling medallions is also one unique way to bring some modification to your antique home interior. The medallions are designs that are made of plaster of Paris and are light weighted. These medallions are used to hide the electric box of the fan and are placed above the fan and can also be placed on the ceiling borders to enhance the look of the ceiling.

Replacing Tubelights With LED Lights And Energy Savers:

Nowadays the homes are lightened up with different modern design led lights, led bulbs, and lanterns. Modern home interior includes the use of chandeliers in homes is part of the antique home interior but now people prefer to place led lights and bulbs in their homes. Modern ceilings fit in the bulbs to lighten up the home instead of placing the old-fashioned chandeliers. 

Use Drapery or Curtains To Hide The Windows:

In old homes, there are many windows in unusual places in the rooms. You can use drapery or curtains to hide the windows or vents in the room to give a soft and clean look to the room without blocking the light coming from the windows. This looks so elegant and nice and gives complete look to the modern home interior. 

Paint The Walls And Ceilings To Lighter Shades: 

The color of the walls and ceilings are very important and must be of lighter shades for a modern look. If you have stained glass opening windows in your home or have furniture which is antique or wooden you should paint your home white to give it a nice modern look and make your antique home interior a bit more elegant.

Use Indoor Plantation:

In antique home interiors, there is less use of plantations inside the home. But to give your antique home a modernized look keep the plants indoor and use real plants inside your lounge, or drawing room to enhance the look of your home.  Also, try Jayson Home Coupon Code to avail discounts on home accessories.

Wall-Fitted Cupboards And Wardrobe:

The wall fitted cupboards are in fashion nowadays, many new designed homes have wall fit in cupboards which eliminate the use of cupboards in the room and give your room wall a trendy look as it is a full-length cupboard and it is so spacious that you can keep all the extra stuff of your home into the wardrobe cupboard.

One more trend which is very popular in modern homes is the separate wardrobe room. Where there are wardrobe cupboards and compartments fit in the walls. And you can place all your clothes and accessories and footwear. It makes your room spacious and less filled up with furniture, so the room seems big and clean.

Mix Match The Antique Furniture And Accents With Modern Things:

The use of antique home interior furniture with modern things is a nice way to make use of antique pieces instead of eliminating them from home. Mix matching the old antique wall clock in your drawing room or lounge with modern velvet sofas or couches makes the home look modern. You can also keep the accent pieces of your home on the T.V. Lounge’s table or side tables of your Bed or make a separate shelf for your accent pieces to give a simple and vintage look to your modernized home.

You can also add the vintage chairs with the kitchen marble countertop to give a classic but modern look to your kitchen. Visit RedeemOnLiving website to get the best discount offers and coupon codes on your favorite home interior products to make the antique home interior a modern look.

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