How to Check Perfume is Original or Fake?

You may be tempted to buy perfume, especially if you see a good deal. But you should be cautious about buying fragrances with low prices. It could be a sign that it is not authentic. Sometimes, you can even find boxed sets on sale at low prices. In such cases, be sure to check the packaging carefully. The bottle should contain the brand name and the price should be the same as on the official website.

You can check whether a perfume is original or fake by reading its packaging. A real one will be made of quality paperboard, while a fake one is usually flimsy or made from cheap materials. Also, the bar code must be placed at the lowest back portion of the box, not on the sides. Lastly, a genuine perfume will not have messy glue residue or extra tape around the box.

Top-Quality Materials

Moreover, original perfumes use boxes made of top-quality materials. They must also be reinforced inside the container to avoid leaking. A false perfume will come with a fragile box, inferior cardboard, folds, imperfections, and no cellophane. If the packaging is not in perfect condition, the perfume is not original. A fake fragrance will not last long in the bottle.

Authentic perfume online canada can never be compared to a fake. Their color and fragrance will be very different. A tester will help you to identify the fakes easily. Another important factor is the quality of the bottle. While a fake perfume may have a good-looking bottle, it will have a cheap-looking bottle cap. Consequently, it is advisable to buy original fragrances only.

Fake Perfume is the First Clue

The smell of a fake perfume is the first clue. A fake perfume will deceive your nose in the first few minutes. It will contain more volatile ingredients than an original perfume. These components will evaporate after 30 minutes. The real scent will be more subtle than you think. And, a counterfeit fragrance will not last for more than three hours. So, the best way to tell if a scent is fake is to sniff it a few times.

It’s important to check the authenticity of a perfume before purchasing it. A fake perfume has poor-quality paper and a poorly wedged bottle. The bottle should be smooth and without seams. The cap should be centered and snug. A fake dispenser tube may be bent or too long. It should not be more than three inches long. The packaging should be easy to tear. In addition, a counterfeit dispenser tube should be glued or screwed into the bottle.

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The packaging and the bottle are two other ways to determine whether a perfume is authentic. The packaging should be attractive and the scent should be subtle. Likewise, the packaging should be transparent. A fake label can make the perfume look cheap and even unprofessional. A cheap imitation will not last for long. It should have a label that clearly states that the scent is not an imitation of the original.

The label and the bottle should contain the serial number of the perfume. The serial number should match the label. If the number is missing, the fragrance is likely fake. The serial numbers and packaging should be identical, as the scent should not contain any of these elements. If the bottle does not have the serial number, it could be a copy. In addition, the country of origin sticker should be prominent.

– The label should have a barcode. Most perfumes come with a barcode. In France, French and English perfumes have a barcode. American perfumes have a barcode that begins with 00. Those codes will be much smaller. If you can find one of these, you can be sure it is an authentic perfume. Its packaging is another sign of authenticity.

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