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How to get a house like a celebrity: Get expert tips!

Do you aspire to have a celebrity style home? While you may not be able to afford to hire a celebrity interior designer, there are things you can do to get closer to your goal.

In this blog post, we will explore some expert tips on how to get a house like a celebrity. We will look at the importance of using colour wisely, and adding personal touches to your space. We will also look at some of the latest trends in celebrity interior design so that you can get the best inspiration for your homes.

Begin with a neutral colour palette

Use a neutral or white colour palette for your home’s rooms. Then add bright accessories like a chair, throw pillows, or a rug. Use strong colours on the walls in other areas and white accents. In the bedrooms, for example, opt for white walls and crisp, white linens — as well as white towels in the restrooms.

Place another comforter between the covers to make the bed look more comfortable and fluffy. This will make your bedroom more luxurious and relaxing.

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Fill the space with art pieces

Art gallery walls are a popular theme in celebrity residences. White walls, unsurprisingly, are the most popular paint colour choice, and it appears that the reason for this is that white or neutral-toned walls make the ideal canvas for excellent art.

White or neutral walls have been chosen by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Robert Downey Jr., and Will Smith for rooms in their houses where they show artwork. The plain backdrop is unobtrusive, allowing the art and wall sculptures to shine out.

Get bold accessories to personalize your space

A mix of blankets, pillows and luxury carpets in strong colours like terracotta and forest green has been seen in celebrity homes. Wiz Khalifa, the musician, has a cinema room with polka dot pillows to offer a splash of colour. To bring colour and dimension to her environment, Naomi Campbell incorporates Kenyan artefacts and textiles with traditional beading.

Using home accessories to add colour allows you to adapt and experiment with different decor ideas rapidly. If you don’t want too much colour, a variety of textures can help a place look great. Textural pile rugs and cosy knitted blankets will provide height and depth to the room without overcrowding it.

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Add natural elements like wood

Many celebrity homes include Spanish Revival interior architecture, featuring contemporary wood cornices, door frames, ceilings, and floors, with dark wood flooring and cornices in walnut, teak, and oak reigning supreme. Kendall Jenner’s LA home takes the trend to the next level by using it on doors, window frames, and exposed wooden ceiling beams.

Flooring is one method to incorporate dark wood furniture and decorations. Dark wood flooring is not only practical, but it can also aid to hide unsightly stains. Investing in antiques is another fantastic method to start introducing beautiful hardwood furniture.

Celebrity homes can have a lot to take inspiration from. Don’t hesitate to recreate them in your own ways and stay in vogue.

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