The best earrings to match it all

Whether you are a fan of huggies or you are a fan of hoops, you know that they cannot be worn everywhere. If you want a versatile pair of earrings that will be a perfect fit in any situation, then studs are the ones to go for. 

Plain gold studs

From a single drop to geometric designs and floral motifs, designs of gold studs can transform your entire look and outfit. Plain gold studs designs can be carved, cut, and 3D designs as well. The designs are a great option for someone who is looking for a combination of formal and casual, which you can wear to a party as well. The impact of coloured studs with a plain and solid coloured dress can elevate the colour of your outfit as well as accentuate the shape of your face and the nape of your neck. The shape and size of your studs can dictate the way your face looks. Hairstyles can have an impact on earrings as well and vice-versa. 

Studs with diamonds

Whenever you say studs, you think of a single diamond immediately. However, there are various designs that have come into the market in the last few years that have revamped the image of studs. A cluster of diamonds can have an elegant impact on whatever clothing you are wearing. Whether the shape and size of the earrings are in or not, diamonds add a touch of sparkle and make the studs shine brighter. These are great for wearing to a party as well in a formal environment. They can turn any plain design into a glamorous fit. 

Studs with coloured stones

Studs that have coloured stones are perfect if you are going for a boho vibe with gold earrings. The coloured stones add a touch of carefree and free-spiritedness to your look. They can be great with beachwear, outdoor parties, brunches, and any event during the day. The abundance of colours and motifs with coloured stones give an opportunity for you to pair them with traditional clothes as well. 

Studs with pearls

Pearls are often said to make an impact on their own. When they are combined with gold to make more intricate designs, they bring out the purity of the pearls along with the shiny effect of gold. These can look great paired with a kurta, saree, or any other traditional outfit. If you are a fan of pearls but want to add a bit of flair to your outfit, then looking at studs that have pearls embedded in them can make a good change from the usual.

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Rose gold studs

Gold studs are the epitome of luxury and class. If you want a change from the usual colour of gold, then rose gold is a good way to go. The colour of your studs can stand out, especially if you are planning on going for a pearl necklace or a diamond necklace. The rose gold colour can look fetching with a simple watch, a bracelet, or even combined with a rose gold necklace. Rose gold studs are a refreshing change from the usual studs found in the market. 

These unusual combinations of metals, stones, and pearls, with gold and rose gold, can change the way you look in a good way. Stylish studs are the difference between looking good and looking great.

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